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About Board 9

A Registered Board of The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials Inc.



The Fairfield County Board of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. (IAABO Board 9) is a Connecticut corporation guided by a member elected 15 person Board of Directors. We are affiliated with the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. (IAABO) which is headquartered in Ocean Pines, Maryland. IAABO is the only organization of its kind in the world: a nonprofit service and professional organization managed by and for amateur basketball officials. 

IAABO Board 9 has a long history of service to the game of basketball in the State of Connecticut. On May 15, 1923 the Fairfield County Board of Approved Basketball Officials received its charter starting with 16 members, listing Alexander Leverty of Bridgeport as its first President. Our membership now exceeds 250 members.

IAABO Board 9 is a member of the Connecticut State Board of Approved Basketball Officials which is made up of leadership of the five regional IAABO boards in the State of Connecticut. On the international level, IAABO Board 9 is a active participant with representation on the Executive Committee and standing committee participants.  Three of our members have been elected IAABO International President- Donald Lomme of Westport in 1968, Peter Carroll of Stratford in 2007 and Joseph Gintoli of Shelton in 2017. Throughout its history, IAABO Board 9 has always had a reputation of being a leader in the circles of basketball officiating.

 IAABO Board 9 is contracted by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to officiate all boys and girls high school basketball contests in Fairfield County, Connecticut. In addition, our members service regional youth, recreation and other basketball programs.


History of the Board

The Fairfield County Board of Approved Basketball Officials received its charter on May 21, 1923. For over 95 years we have provided service to youth groups, recreation programs and schools of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

IAABO #9 PRESIDENTS 1946 – 2019


46-47  Joseph Andrews                  72-73  Ed Balla

47-48  Fran Jurgenson                   73-75  John Hagan

48-49  Donald Lomme                    75-76  John Lewis

49-50 Jack Lyddy                            76-77  William Moore

50-51  Joseph Savarine                  77-78  Bob Dion

51-52  John Scalzi                          78-79  Ed Barosky

52-53  Jack Lockery                        79-81 Leonard L Crone

53-54 James Penders                     81-83 Steve Donahue

54-55  Harry Rinaldi                        83-85 Peter Carroll       

55-56  Elliot Graham                       85-87 John Peters

56-57 Frank Dornfeld                      87-89 Stu Greenberg

57-58  Robert Balla                         89-91 Joe Gintoli

58-59  Walter O’Meara                    91-93 Tony Martinelli

59-60  Augie Lacavelle                    93-95 Vin Hirschbeck     

60-61  Edward Bonello                    95-97 Mark Karagus

61-62  Jack Bowden                        97-99 Roger Gautrau

62-63  George Powers                    99-01 Joe Liberatore

63-64  Bernie Iassogna                   01-03 Al Vazquez

64-65  Norman Ritchel                    03-05 Lou DeMaio

65-66  Jack Cronin                          05-07 Craig Zysk

66-67  Fred Rodia                           07-09 Bill Vasaturo

67-68  John Valmis                         09-11 Walter Brown

68-69  George Stein                       11-13 Shawn Donovan

69-70  Nick Zeoli                            13-15 Sgt Tom Brown

70-71  Joe Bennett                         15-17 John Inesta

71-72  Richard Giansello                17-19 Bud Williams

IAABO #9 Honorary Members

Honorary Membership to IAABO Board 9 is awarded to a person who has honorably distinguished themselves in service to our organization.

Joseph Andrews
Edwin Balla
Robert Balla
Joseph Bennett
Edward Bonello
Jack Bowden
Bill Coffey
Leonard L. Crone
Stephen Donahue
William Donlin
Charles Doran
Walt Dunn
Sid Englander
Louis Filippetti
Leonard Frate
Richard Giansello
Stuart Greenberg
John Hagan
Phil Ianazzo
Joseph Kerpchar
Nick Koules
William Krause
John Laureno
Gary Liberatore
Joseph Liberatore
Donald Lomme
Jack Lyddy
Jerry McDougall Sr.
Joseph Miller
Robert Murphy
John Peters
Charles Petrino
Louis Plummer
Fred Rodia
Peter Romano
Sandy Sulzycki
Carmine Vaccaro
John Valmis
George Vincent
Ron Wallisa
Don Warzocha
Nick Zeoli